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Washington on Moon Juice

author: Moongate
Jun 13, 2004 20:25

For 22 years billionaire cult-leader Sun Myung Moon has been pushing the hard-right with his deep-pockets and media empire.
On March 23, 2004, Washington paid him back with a capitol hill coronation ceremony.

Washington's new Messiah
Washington's new Messiah

when you thought politics had gotten as devisive, as scandalous, as
ideological as it could get? When mysterious connections between
persons and events seemed to imply vast conspiracies responsible for
crimes against party, country, morality or even humanity?

people say, those were the good ol' days.

a ruthless billionaire, a right-wing media mogul, owner of the
Washington Times, UPI, Insight magazine, the World Tribune and the
University of Bridgeport, Connecticut. Unapologetic in his outspoken
bigotry against women, homosexuals and jews, he steers a
mind-controlled cult comprising millions who marry the partner of his
choice in mass weddings and even follow his specific sexual
instructions. The man I describe is known as Sun Myung Moon. Picture
the coronation of this man as the Messiah, the living
embodiment of the one true God.

imagine paying for this ceremony with your taxdollars, and
sanctifying it with the surroundings of a US Senate office building,
and the attendance of no less than 81 of your congressmen, 26 US
ambassadors, and over 400 US 'experts'. Add to this pageant of
incredulity the total lack of press coverage and you have the
non-story of the century.

March 23, 2004 the Reverend Sun Myung Moon was crowned Messiah
by your lawmakers and church leaders at your expense. What else is at
your expense? The truth, because none of this has been told in any
sort of responsible manner. The herd of elephants in the living room
have been mired by an stinky, icky carcinogenic goo, so nobody uses
that room anymore.

In indymedia tradition, it's time to be the media.
media empire, while a financial disaster, is a constant source of
legitimacy for the increasingly devisive, hardline, and intolerant
George Bush Sr. has gone stumping for Moon's media companies.
Moon's groups benefit from faith-based initiative funding.

this single event could trigger several decisive advantages to the
progressive cause:

awareness by Christians that the right does not represent their best
awareness by the American people of the level of corruption in
evidence that our media is not serving us.

are pictures, video, and an excellent article available on this
scandal that should be known to the American public.

Article: The Gadflyer

Pictures: I'm _______ and

I approve this messiah.

Video: From IIFWP

John Gorenfeld's incredible

weblog, Where in Washington, D.C. is Sun

Myung Moon?

It's time to start


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